Tiverton Area Communities Transition
(formerly Sampford Peverell and District Sustainable Villages)

              Sustainable Villages DVDs for Loan

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 9. Ashton Hayes  ….a village in the process ofgoing Carbon Neutral
10. Voices of Co-housing …..building small villages in the city
11. Solar Powered Village…….Tamera Portugal
12. The Heat is on……..Climate Change and Christian Faith
13.The truth about Climate Change-David Attenborough
14. Learning from Ladakh…….until recently the people of Ladakh lived sustainably in their Himalayan valleys
15. The Power of Community….US  blockades forced Cuba to be self sufficient.
16. In Transition 1.0…..what are Transition Communities and the Transition Network?
17. Vanishing of the Bees…2009…but a continuing problem
18. Food , Inc…..lifts the veil off the food industry
19. Black Gold….2006 award winning film about the coffee industry
20. Big Boys gone Bananas ….2012……Dole, suing a Swedish Film Maker
21. Even the Rain…2010…making a film about Christopher Columbus, film-makers get caught up in the Bolivian Water War
22. The Yes Men Fix The World…..two mischief makers make fun of the corporate world.
23.  Citizenfour…the documentary about Edward Snowdon as it happened.
24. The Shock Doctrine….explains the
rise of disaster capitalism….based on the book by Naomi Klein.
25. Garbage Dreams…..on the outskirts of
Cairo is the world’s largest Garbage Village…but then its’ trade is globalised.
26. H2Oil…..ecoactivism and the Canadian Tar Sands
27. Dirty Oil….documentary about the Canadian Tar Sands
28.  Just Do It…..Climate Activism
29.  If a Tree Falls…..story of the Earth Liberation Front
30.  Global Gardener…Permaculture with Bill Mollison (cofounder of Permaculture)
31.  Beyond the Tipping Point….conversations on Climate, Action and the future.
32. The Age of Stupid…..staring Pete Postlethwaite…also available on youtube.

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