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Love Food Hate Waste Campaign


Food waste is a major issue. In the UK, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, the majority of which could have been eaten. It's costing us £12.5bn a year and is bad for the environment too.

There are 5 main ways to help reduce you food waste:

Writing a shopping list and checking your fridge and freezer first can make a hug difference to saving food from the bin.

  Know your date labels
Best before- you can still eat the item after this date but it may not be at it's best.
Use by is a safety date- eat before this date.
All other dates on packaging you can ignore they are for the food industry.


Savvy storage including love your freezer

Do you know the best place to store your food? Some foods may surprise you.

Apples are best stored in the fridge
Bananas go brown in the fridge but can be frozen without their skins to make a great smoothie base or eaten like ice cream.
Potatoes like a dark cool place.
Other surprising things that can be frozen are ginger, chillis, grapes instead of ice cubes, grated cheese, mashed potatoes.....


Perfect portions

It is easy to get portion sizes wrong. One good tip is to serve food in serving bowls on the table so everyone helps themselves to what they want and you can keep the leftovers.
There are some great gadgets to help you measure rice, pasta etc. to get the right amount.

  Using up lovely leftovers
Why not have a tapas style meal with all the leftovers or try an online recipe search tool to find a great recipe to use up whatever food type you have left?

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