Tiverton Area Communities Transition
(formerly Sampford Peverell and District Sustainable Villages)

 In 2010, we successfully applied for a Lottery Grant for our Apple Project. We were able to buy a macerator, hydropress, pasteuriser and sundry equipment for community use.  These items have been very well employed on our Apple Days enabling many apples that otherwise may have rotted to be turned into juice and cider.

The grant also enabled us to employ Adam Montagu to advise us on varieties of apple trees to plant in selected locations, to ensure the correct varieties for those locations; and to buy the trees themselves. They were planted by the community and at Webbers School, Holcombe Rogus, Uplowman Primary School and Wooden House Nursery, Chevithorne by the children themselves.

The grant funded 4 apple pruning courses for 15 people at Holcombe Rogus, Halberton, Sampford Peverell, these were to encourage people to make use of an abundant local resource that is often wasted and left to rot. By having their apples turned into juice, they will be able to drink it fresh, freeze it for later use, or make cider from it. We also aim to encourage people to buy locally-produced goods from the market stalls, thus cutting down food-miles and supporting the local economy. The refreshments are also made from locally-sourced produce, following through with the same principle. All of this is provided within the context of a fair where visitors are entertained, can meet up with their friends, and generally have some fun.

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